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Mechanical properties of stainless steel nuts see ASTM F594, A194 (Heavy). Mechanical properties of metric carbon steel nut See ISO 898/2, 898/6, DIN 267/4 stainless steel nut mechanical properties See ISO 3506/2 related regulations.    Hex Nuts is most common nuts, it may meet IFI, DIN934 standard or Customized designs.    
Type of Nut thread: (1) M--metric coarse thread, fine thread, 
weld nuts    extreme fine tooth  UNC-- Unified Coarse Thread (imperial) UNF-- Unified Fine Thread (inch) W--Wei's thread coarse thread, fine thread (JIS) In addition the Imperial 8 thread series (8-UN), 12 thread series (12-UN). (2), screw precision Grades: 1, metric (DIN, ISO, GB) divided into 6H, 6G grades. Usually the 6H level is in the condition. Metric Japanese Standard (JIS) is divided into grade Ⅰ, Grade Ⅱ, Grade Ⅲ and so on three kinds. Usually the condition is class Ⅱ 

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